Before we start looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, I just want to call attention to the previous Butterfly assignment.  So far, we have a few submissions on the Flickr stream

They look WONDERFUL!!!

(The art teacher in me is SO proud to see all the unique butterflies!)
Don’t forget, you can still get in on the possibility of winning 4 tickets to Fredrik Meijer Gardens!!
This is a favorite craft for my little one to do.
He tells me he feels like a “lepacorn” (translated: leprechaun).

For this craft, you will need a cardboard egg carton, green paint, paintbrush, and scissors.

Start by cutting top of the egg carton off, and take 2/3 of the bottom off as well. You'll be left with a section of 4 egg wells.

Start painting! My boys LOVE this craft because they can just paint any which way they like.

Let the carton dry for about 2-3 hours

(depending on how much paint they glob on the carton)


Once dry, color the bottoms of the wells. I had two kids doing this activity, so I used two colors.

Grab a bunch of pennies and distribute them evenly amongst the children involved.

Then, I taught them how to play “penny-bounce.”

They tossed the pennies at the table, and those that landed in the orange wells, my older son got to keep.

My younger son took the yellow wells.

They were delivering pots of gold to each other!

Hooray for my little leprechauns!


Another activity to use the egg carton pot of gold with is this:

Create a scavenger hunt with the colors of the rainbow.  In order, hide the colored paper with a clue on it.

For example, the first card (red) would say something like this:

To find the orange card, you must look under something that is gray and shiny.

Keep going with the hints and colored cards until they find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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