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My (Jennifer) family found some serious fun and a new way to beat the heat!  The sprinkler and Slip ‘n Slide are still enticing for our  kids but my husband and I needed a good excuse to get wet.  So we made sponge-balls…perect for upping the age limit on getting soaked in the backyard!

We ended up playing sponge dodge ball, sponge-ball egg toss, and sponge-ball tag.  Essentially, we just went out and threw wet sponges at each other.  It seems like such a simple and silly thing to do but don’t under-estimate the importance of playing with your kids!

Wet Wet Wet

Here are a few simple steps for making your own sponge-balls.  I hope you get out there and get silly with your kids.  Make sure to come back after you’ve dried off and let us know what games you played!

I picked up a 12 pack of sponges for $2.99 @ Walgreens.

Sponge-ball supplies…

  • scissors
  • sponges (2 for each ball)
  • dental floss

To make your sponge ball…

Step 1:  Cut your sponges lengthwise into equal strips.  Repeat for each sponge.

Cut into 4 equal pieces.

Step 2:  Stack your cut strips as shown over a piece of dental floss.  Feel free to mix up the colors and patterns to make each sponge-ball colorful and unique.

Stack it up!

Step 3:    Tie the floss around the sponge strips in the same way that you would make a pom-pom.  Be sure to tie a secure knot.

Tie it tight!

Step 4:  Trim off any extra floss.


Step 5;  Add water!




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