When school’s out it’s time to play with all of our neighborhood buddies. Our neighborhood has monthly “theme parties” – ┬áthis month’s is a Sidewalk Chalk Party.


Here’s how you can host a neighborhood chalk party too!

  • Pick a place for the party to be hosted. The chalk party requires a lot of cement so we choose our elementary school just up the road.
  • Delegate each family to bring something for the party -be it chalk, drinks or a snack.
  • Invite all of your buddies!


Here are the 7 “chalk stations” we had at our party.

  • Our first station was Paint With Chalk. ┬áThis fun activity requires a little prep at home the day before, but it’s easy and such a hit! The paint recipe doesn’t really use chalk, but it sure looks like it. Use 1/4 c. cornstarch and 1/4 c. water, mix together and add the desired color with food coloring. (You may need to add more of each ingredient until you get the correct consistency-slighty thicker than water). Then transfer the “paint” into containers for children to share. Don’t forget your paint brushes too.


Here's what the chalk paint looks like after it's dried.


  • A second station we had for our chalk party was Trace Your Body. This long-time favorite of ours has a new twist. We try to have the children pose themselves in silly ways. For example dancing, holding hands with another friend, or doing a jumping-jack. Then we have the kids color in their clothing, and draw their faces.


These girls are working on a jumping-jack pose.


  • The third station for our sidewalk chalk party was the Alphabet Game. It’s always fun to sneak a little something educational in! For this game you will need to write the alphabet on the cement ahead of time. (We used only uppercase letters, but you can put lowercase ones in too.) Be sure to scatter the letters so the children need to search them out. When the “caller” shouts out a letter the kids need to go to the letter and stand on it. Be sure to advise kids not to push one another to get to the letter.


A couple of boys giggling while playing the Alphabet game.


  • The fourth chalk station was Long Jump. This one takes us back to track and field day. Just like in PE draw a line on the cement for the children to start behind and then off they jump. When they land draw a line behind their feet and have them write their name. Easy, fun and some of the boys stayed here for the whole party trying to “beat their score”.


  • The fifth station was Hopscotch 1-10 and 1-21. We had 2 different hopscotch games due to the number of children in attendance and the age ranges. 1-21 Hopscotch was a challenge for the older children and 1-10 hopscotch was a good introductory for our little kids.


1-10 Hopscotch


  • The sixth station was Hit The Target. Ahead of time draw 5-7 different sizes circles on the cement with chalk and a line for children to stand behind. When the children come to the station, the task is to throw bean bags into the circles. We made sure some of the circles were closer for the little kids and some were farther back for the bigger kids. This station was a “hit” with several kids – mine being one of them.

Two buddies playing Hit The Target.


  • The final station was Free Draw. What’s a sidewalk chalk party without lots of drawing? Each family brought some fun things they use from home. We had dinosaur templates, 3D glasses with the special chalk, and giant stencils.


These children are using the dinosaur templates.


  • Every good party has a snack! For a grande finale you can make a hopscotch cake. Make a square cake and then cut it out to make a hopscotch game. Decorate with frosting and red rope licorice to make the squares and numbers. Or you can make cupcakes, decorate them with M&M numbers and arrange them so they make a hopscotch game. (We ate it too quickly for a picture! )

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